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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

AdMosphere is equipped to handle your PLM needs, by creating  a software that can integrate data, processes, systems, and people in one place to create better workflows.

  • Requirement extraction and analysis: to begin, the developers will present an overview of the software’s scope, based on their analysis of the needs set out by you.
  • Architectural design: next will come a high-level design (HDL) or low-level design (LLD) document, including SRS details, feedback, interface relationships, module information, and other essential details.
  • Building and coding: developers then build the entire system by writing code in a specific language, using custom modules, debuggers, and other factors.
  • QA Testing: Next, the software needs to be tested for any performance issues.
  • Installation and deployment: after the final edits are made, the software is ready to be installed and deployed.
  • Maintenance and support: even after the system is deployed, our team will be here to provide continued support to make sure the system continues to function properly.